Thursday, March 15, 2012

Check out this cause we're working on here at Adeline Inc. 

The Dunbar's are close to losing their home to the bank.  Chris lost his job in 2009, and the family has had trouble paying their mortgage payments.  They have gotten little to no help from their mortgage lender.  

In 2005, Chris and Krystal Dunbar of Superior, Wisconsin purchased a very modest, working class home for their family of three children — a home that had been Chris’s grandparents’. They DID NOT MISS ONE mortgage payment. In 2007, Chris was abruptly laid off. Immediately, they tried to continue making partial payments even from his unemployment checks. U.S. Bank returned their checks. Chris also contacted U.S. Bank for a modification with no success.

U.S. Bank has informed the Dunbars that they are in foreclosure, and that the Sheriff’s Sale is scheduled for March 27th.

The Dunbars are not at fault here! It took Chris over a year to find another job because the local job market had been devastated by the recession caused directly by the greed and criminal fraud of the Big Banks on Wall Street. 

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